Sweet red bean paste wrapped with MOCHI rice cake with edible cherry blossom and leaf.


“WAGASHI” refers to traditional Japanese confectionery which is mainly made from simple ingredients such as beans, rice, wheat, sugar, agar and fruit. WAGASHI’s delicate taste / texture and beautiful appearance has been attracting many people for a long time, and it has become an important part of Japanese culture.
Craftsmen making WAGASHI by hand.
Obviously selecting good ingredients and understanding how to use them are very important. We especially think good "ANN" bean paste is crucial for WAGASHI. We change how to crush and boil the beans depending on the type of beans so as to bring out of the full flavor of each bean. In addition, we carefully consider which bean paste goes well with which confectionery, and then select the best one.
Profound appreciation of the changing seasons and nature is of great importance in Japan and WAGASHI plays an important role there. We enjoy the seasons by seeing and eating WAGASHI. In spring there are confectioneries with cherry blossoms, in summer they represent a refreshing stream, in fall seasonal chestnut and persimmons are used, and in winter, our WAGASHI depict snow and spring longed-for.
WAGASHI representing the spring scenery.
Japanese confectionery arts made from edible ingredients.

About “K.Minamoto”

WAGASHI is a symbol of traditional Japanese culture and we believe it makes people feel happy and at peace. We have been protecting the tradition but at the same have been trying to make something new to meet people’s changing needs. We keep opening up the possibilities of WAGASHI and continue producing the best delicious and quality products across borders and generations for customer satisfaction.

Representative Confectionery

We are making confectioneries with fruit in season. Our representative “Natural Series” products are made so the appearance, shape and flavor of the fruit can be enjoyed as close as possible to its natural looks and taste. We apply our skills to make the most of the rich flavor of the fruit in order to create beautiful confectioneries.

    A whole cherry in jelly.

    Muscat of Alexandria grape covered with soft rice cake. (Not available at US stores)

    The rich taste of amber dried persimmon filled with sweet white bean paste.

    A chestnut covered with chestnut flavored white bean paste and soft rice cake with chestnuts sprinkles.


All products are manufactured in our own factories in Japan and then shipped to our stores in the world. We are working on daily improvements on safety and technology so that we can continue to provide our customers with the best quality products. We keep doing our best for customer satisfaction.
FUJITA Factory


We established Minamoto Kitchoan Farm in 2013 to grow Muscat of Alexandria grapes which are used for RIKUNOHOUJU, our No1 best seller in Japan. We think that taking part in growing ingredients is important to maintain the quality of our products and to ensure a stable supply.
Minamoto Kitchoan Farm
Muscat of Alexandria grape

Japanese confectionery arts

Beauty is also what attracts people to Japanese confectionery. We have a team of craftsman working on creation of Japanese confectionery arts. These are made from edible ingredients such as sugar, white bean and rice and mostly depict the four seasons or beauty of nature. It is said that the origin of confectionery arts is from the confectionery offered to women's quarters of a castle during the Edo era (1603-1867).

Flagship store

Our flagship store is located in Tokyo’s Ginza area. The first floor is the retail space for Souke Minamoto Kitchoan and the second to fifth are café space for Café Restaurant K. Minamoto offering food and desserts with seasonal fruit. We are delivering new types of confectionery with fruit in Ginza where the long tradition and cutting-edge trends exist.