Sakura Mochi
Smooth type red bean paste covered rice cake wrapped cherry blossoms leaf.


It is said that in the past,
the term“WAGASHI” (Japanese-style Confectionery)
originated from the term “KASHI”,
which means fruits and nuts. Later on, in the Yayoi Era,
Japanese-style confectionery transformed from a part of regular meal into luxurious food that was called “WAGASHI”.
Craftsmen who make Wakashi by hand.
Wagashi is made of combinations of natural ingredients such as sugar, Azuki red beans, grains, agar and fruits. Therefore the quality of ingredients is very important to make Wagashi with good texture and delicate sweetness. Our products are made from carefully selected ingredients.
The appreciation of the elegance found in the changing four seasons is one of the biggest appeal of Japanese culture.
Japanese people have held a festival to appreciate the changing seasons since old times. Japanese people have been making elaborated confectionery or each season, which decorated seasonal festivals.
A creative Wagashi which describe the landscape of spring.
(Manufactured Confectionery-artworks made with edible ingredients.
Work shown: Saika Zuicho)

About “K.Minamoto”

“MINAMOTO” as Origin of “WAGASHI”
“KITCHO” meaning Signs of pleasure.
“AN” meaning Places people gather.
We deliver Fruits confectionery that emphasize the appearance, shape and taste of the fruit itself. Upon our company name, we wish to spread more smiles and connections between people all over the world through our Wagashi.

Representative Confectionery

Our representative “Natural Series” products are made so the appearance, shape and flavor of the fruit can be enjoyed as close as possible to its natural taste. We put in our skills to preserve the rich flavor of the fruit and make an aesthetically beautiful confectionery.

    A syruped cherry wrapped in cherry flavored jelly.

    A whole flesh muscat covered with soft rice cake.

    A finely sweetened white bean paste enhances the natural sweetness of persimmon.

    Rice cake wrapped in mashed chestnut paste containing a whole chestnut soaked in syrup and wrapped in chestnut paste.


All products sold in the United States have been produced in the factories from Japan, and imported directly. Minamoto Kitchoan has 6 factories, each having different strengths and making use of them to produce different confectioneries.
Under strict sanitation management, we tackle daily improvement to deliver safe and delicious sweets to our customers.

Our own farm

We cultivate fruits in our own farm, “Minamoto Kitchoan Farm” for making Wagashi with high quality fruit.
We cultivate the raw ingredients, fruits, in our “Minamoto Kitchoan Farm”. Being able to make a healthy soil and harvest the fruits with our hands is the key to maintain the quality of our products.
Minamoto Kitchoan Farm
Muscat made in our farm

Manufactured Confectionery

In Minamoto Kitchoan we have a specialized team whom are in charged to make all handmade Manufactured Confectionery. They put all their experience and the skills to bring awe and surprise to the people who see the art works. We have delivered the beauty of Wagashi in our exhibit in Hawaii.

Main shop

Our main shop is in Ginza, the most luxurious and sophisticated district in Japan. You can buy our Wagashi on Ground Floor, enjoy traditional Japanese meal in the restaurant upstairs.
As a way to disseminate Japanese culture, In the Ginza shop we host events.
In spring, the Hina-doll viewing party, and in early summer, the Firefly viewing party.
We have many Japanese visitors as well as tourists from different countries.